First visit to high peaks

Went hiking with some friends of ours and their daughters 4 and 7 in the high peaks recently.  We took them up Mt. Jo, and they both did very well. The 4 year old stopped just below the summit and was content with that, stopping to look at the rocks and trillium.  The seven year old had no problems and once on top could not believe the view.  She was so curious about why there were no houses anywhere she looked.  We talked about the forest and the adirondack park and how all the land she saw was protected.  She just sat and stared with her father for a long time with a big smile on her face.

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Dacy clearing to Shelving Rock Mt

What a beautiful day today. Started off cool with a fine mist and dense cloud cover. I decided to go explore part of the equine trail system on the east side of Lake George. I had been in this area before and the trails are quite beautiful, but in the past were poorly marked. We started at the Hogtown trail head and ran the road to Dacy clearing. All along the road there are a number of left turns which lead to these trails. We headed toward Shelving Rock Mt. The trails are wide 10-15ft as they were previously old carriage trails from the old Knapp estate which encompassed 10,000 acres. Now although wide, they are soft, covered in pine needles and the woods are open with mostly coniferous trees. There are many streams with dense green moss. We headed up the back/north side of Shelving Rock which is a trail not used frequently. There was still dense could cover on top with a slight breeze. It almost felt like the ocean. The trails were in excellent shape and all previous downed trees were clear on this section. We headed back along the normal trail down Shelving Rock, but then took another route back to Hogtown trail head. There were some downed trees on this section, but the area was spectacular. A wide open forest of mostly birches and poplars with ferns and forest grass. There are many options back in this area and in the three years I have been exploring, I have only encountered people once. The next time I am in the area I plan on exploring the trails which go from Shelving Rock to Erebus then on to Black. Happy trails!!

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Buck Mt Trail

Spring is definitely here. Time for a new BLOG photo on the main page – does anyone want to share? Send me photos and ill post. Last year many of us were still buried in snow at this point. Last week we went over to Buck Mt and Stewart’s ledge last week. The weather was beautiful the ground was incredibly dry – strangely so. We definitely needed rain and I am glad we got some finally. The trails were in great shape. All that was left of the damage from Irene were the cut up trees on the side of the trail. The DEC has been working hard.

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Cat mountain ski

After the storm I went up to the Cat and Tom mountain preserve for a quick ski.  We got nearly a foot of snow up here in total.  It felt strange to be out on skis even though it is still technically winter.  What a strange season we have had this year.  I have already been out trail running in shorts with temps in the 50s in February, why not.  I have also already seen ticks out.  Well, I’l take a little bit of winter and I don’t think it will last long.  Though after all that warm weather, I must admit I am looking forward to spring and some more warm temps.

Happy trails

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ADK 2011 Adopt-a-Wildland report

The 2011 Adopt-a-Wildland year end report is complete.  There were some areas I did not hear from yet, though I am hoping I will.  There was also a person that has withdrawn from the program.  This year with the rain in May and hurricane Irene in the fall the theme was water damage.  There continues to be a noticeable lack of DEC presence in some areas since the budget was reduced.

My plan was to get this blog up and running in the fall.  I was unable to do so until now due to time constraints.  I would like to use this as a place to post the activities of the program members as they happen.  Also, to post thoughts, pictures, drawings and prose that relate to activities of the adopt-a-wildland program.  This will be a work in progress for a bit, but here it goes…

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